The Ventless Gel Fireplace is a portable fireplace and often considered a portable heater. Even though a ventless gel fireplace can't technically be considered a portable heater by Federal Regulations and Definitions, our portable fireplace produces enough heat to warm a pretty sizable room rather comfortably. The gel fuel we promote is Sunjel, a pure burning alcohol-based gel fuel that evaporates into a water vapor that does not damage the home or pollute the environment.


But, a ventless gel fireplace itself is not required to enjoy the ventless fireplace experience. We offer fireplace accessories such as the fireplace insert so that our customers can literally have any ventless gel fireplace they can imagine. With a fireplace insert and Sunjel gel fuel, you can build yourself a ventless fireplace of your own and have it anywhere around your home. We have plenty of reports to help you get some ideas and Do It Yourself.


Below are some testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers.

"I just finished installing the 22" firebox. It was as easy as can be.  I had all the prep-work finished before it arrived.  So, by the time it got here it took about a half an hour to install and blam...I had a fireplace."

Jerry Monesto
Alamogordo, NM


My very first experience with a Ventless Gel Fireplace was at, of all places, a garage sale.The lady was moving and was selling hers. I did not know much about them but she talked me into buying it. I asked her where to go to get the fuel for it and she had an old can of sunjel. So I got on my computer and started looking and found you all. I bought a case of Sunjel that day and have been hooked on it ever since. I went from there on to bigger and better and now I have two fireplaces in my mobile home. One in the front room and one in my bedroom. I just love it!

It gives my home a cozy warm feeling and Christmas time is the best of all! I love the glow of the real flames and the warmth it gives, it saves me money with my heating costs too! Like I said, I'm hooked!
Thanks You,

Robin Mikels
Sandia, TX

To whom it may concern,

I received my fireplace today and just finished the assembly.  It looks great.  I want to commend you for the prompt service and personal attention.

I am a Service Manager for a large furniture store in the midwest.  I repair cased goods every day and nine times out of ten, the damage is caused by poor packaging.  So, when I unboxed my fireplace tonight, I was pleasantly suprised  to find a carefully packaged shipment that allowed little room for damage.  

The rate of damage for furniture, especially wood furniture is extremely high. But because your company took the extra effort and expense to properly package my fireplace, I received it in perfect condition; without a scratch.

I wish all my vendors were as consciencious.

Thanks again. You will have my recommendation to anyone I know who wants a fireplace.


Justin Barker
Manito, IL

I love it.  I have brought the chimnea down to my favorite coffee shop and when it is raining and I want to start a fire, it works perfectly...Sitting with my book, or typing on my laptop, listening to the crackle of the fire and seeing the flame.  Lots of people at the shop like the atmosphere it creates.

Columbus, OH

"My husband had no idea what I was doing.  He didn't even know I had started my own project.  But, the day the firebox arrived I had the new fireplace up and running in no time.  He came home from work and I was so excited to show him.  The look on his face was timeless.  He loved it.  He was a little confused at first wondering when I had found the time, but he really loved it."
Judith Fischer
Pontiac, IN

"I had been wanting a Garden Arbor for a while and then I finally found one in your catalog.  I like to sit in the morning with a cup of coffee and listen to my yard wake up.  It's a great spot to read the paper too.  I should have had one so much sooner."

Lory Busy
Burwell, NE 


"My Husband surprised me with this cute Cedar Plank Bridge. I am the only one in the neighborhood with a bridge.  I love my yard.  It really is a novelty to walk across the bridge and watch my kids run and jump on it.  We love it."

Janet Brookes
Fairmont, NC

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