Fireplace Accessories

Set a Baby Cowboy Boot Planter or a Adult Cowboy Boot Planter next to your ventless gel fuel fireplace and give it that "homey" lived in feel. A beautiful Grape leaf Mantel Clock would look great on any fireplace mantel. The Tea Light Conversion Kit is perfect for those that want a twinkling fire in their gel fuel fireplace but don't want the heat produced by cans of gel fuel. And our new Decorative Wall Hung Wine Rack is ideal for hanging next to your ventless gel fuel fireplace.

Our Fireplace Accessory Kit is designed to be used in the Oakland, Freemont, or Lakeside gel fireplaces to add depth to the unit. This kit adds 2 premium split Cedar ceramic logs and a riser kit to add even more realism to your gel fireplace experience.

So, its an easy matter to enhance your Portable Gel Fuel Fireplace or electric fireplace experience with any of our wonderful fireplace accessories.

Even an expensive ventless gas fireplace has no scent (except for the smell of natural gas when it's not functioning properly). When someone hears your gel fireplace popping and crackling like a natural fireplace and smells the scent of our Wood Incense Collection, a wood scented Mantel Candle, or Aroma Oil Collection, they will be convinced that you are burning a real log fire.

Use our line of Aroma Oil Kits to add that special something to your ventless fireplace experience. Now available in a Hanging Diffuser or a Mantel Top Diffuser.

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