Real Flame® Facts

  • Add warmth and ambiance to any room.
  • No chimney or venting required.
  • Hassle free so you'll never worry about wood again.
  • No smoke, no soot, no flying embers.
  • No messy ashes to clean up.
  • Real flame creates a bright and robust red, yellow and orange fire.
  • Crackles just like a real burning log fire.
  • Each can burns up to 3 hours long at over 3,000 BTUs per hour.
  • Environmentally friendly and tested safe.
  • Real flame is made from premium isopropyl alcohol.
  • For ventless fireplaces, you may burn up to three cans of Real Flame at a time.
  • Fire may be extinguished with the magnetic lid opener and relit later.
  • Mantels are constructed of solid pine and are available in many finishes.
  • Many mantels feature hand-carved designs and artesian details.
  • Choose from over thirty different styles and finishes.
  • Set up is easy - a Phillips head screwdriver is all that is needed. Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour to assemble.
  • Portable, ventless fireplace may be moved from room to room.

Real Flame Gel Fuel FAQs
Q1. What is Real Flame made from?
A. The main component of Real Flame Gel Fuel is Isopropyl (ahy-suh-pro-pil) alcohol, commonly known as rubbing alcohol. Due to its chemical composition, isopropyl alcohol is non-toxic and burns completely clean, leaving behind no Carbon Monoxide, soot or ash. The isopropyl alcohol also creates the large red, orange, and yellow flames that you see when you burn Real Flame. There is also a general thickener added to create a gelled product.
Q2. Are there any special instructions I should follow when burning my Real Flame Gel Fuel?
A. Yes. Before you open your can of Real Flame Gel Fuel, shake the can vigorously to evenly distribute the thickener and the alcohol. Be sure to remove the label before burning. Follow all instructions included with the fuel.
Q3. How long will my Real Flame Gel Fuel cans burn?
A. Real Flame Gel Fuel cans are designed to burn between 2.5 and 3 hours. Be sure to shake cans before use to distribute the product evenly to achieve the maximum burn.
Q4. Value wise, how does the gel compare to like products in the market place?
A. A Duraflame log can be purchased for approximately $5.00, roughly the same price as two cans of Real Flame Gel Fuel, however the logs need to be vented. Also, you can control the burn length of Real Flame Gel Fuel, extinguishing the cans and relighting if you do not wish to burn the full three hours. This is not true of a wood or duraflame fire.
Q5. I hear crackling and popping when I burn my cans of Real Flame Gel Fuel. Is this normal?
A. Yes. There is a special ingredient added to the gel fuel to create the crackling and popping that you hear, designed to resemble the same soothing sounds of a wood fire.
Q6. Is Real Flame safe to burn indoors?
A. Yes. Real Flame gel fuel is completely non-toxic when used as directed, and made for both indoor and outdoor use. wood fire.
Q7. Does Real Flame Gel Fuel actually put off any heat or is it strictly for ambiance?
A. Although not recommended as a primary heat source, Real Flame Gel Fuel does give off roughly 3,000 BTUs of heat per can per hour. This means if you burn all three cans for the full three hours, you will raise the temperature of a 10'x 12' room between 4-6 degrees.
Q8. Real Flame looks a lot like Sterno. Is there any difference in the two, and can I use Sterno in my Real Flame fireplace.?
A. Although it is a similar concept, sterno and Real Flame Gel Fuel are two completely different products. Sterno is composed of methyl alcohol as opposed to isopropyl alcohol. The methyl alcohol creates the small blue flame that you see when you burn a sterno can. Isopropyl alcohol burns a bright orange robust flame. Methyl alcohol also creates carbon monoxide, and is not safe to burn in large quantities. We do not recommend using sterno in any Real Flame products.
Q9. What is the shelf-life of my Real Flame Gel Fuel?
A. We recommend that you use your gel fuel within a year of receiving the product. As the product ages, it will slowly convert from a gel to a liquid. The product is still good to use as long as it is not in a liquid format, however the product may not burn the full 2.5 – 3 hours.
Q10. My gel has turned into a liquid, what should I do with it?
A. You can take any liquid Real Flame to any place in your area that accepts old paint cans.
Q11. I have an outdoor Real Flame fireplace. Can I roast marshmallows over it?
A. Although Real Flame is a non-toxic product; we do not recommend cooking anything over Real Flame fires.
Q12. I have noticed that there are two different can sizes of Real Flame Gel Fuel. What is the difference?
A. We offer Real Flame Gel Fuel in 13 oz and 7 oz cans. The 13 oz cans are used for all indoor and outdoor fireplaces; the 7 oz cans are used with the Real Flame Personal Fireplace line. Soon we will be introducing Real Flame Pour Gel, which will be used in the new Insight Contemporary Fireplace. We will also be introducing Real Flame Citronella Pour Gel Fuel.
Q13. Can I use my Real Flame Gel Fuel in other products?
A. Real Flame Gel Fuel has only been test in Real Flame products. We do not recommend that the fuel be used for anything other than its intended use.

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